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R&B star Jordin Sparks invites you to get a tattoo with her to provide a desperately needed bone marrow transplant for 7-year-old Zahara. Zahara has Sickle Cell, a debilitating and painful disease leading to chronic complications and often death. A bone marrow transplant can save her life and cure the disease. Donate and download the tattoo now!

Win an autographed copy of the tattoo.

The first 10 people to send videos of themselves with the tattoo will receive a copy of the tattoo autographed by Jordin Sparks to hang on the wall. The two people who make the most generous donations to help Zahara, will get an autographed copy of the tattoo, and a personal call from Jordin in appreciation. All donors will be part of a drawing to get an autographed copy of the tattoo and a personal call from Jordin.

Jordin Sparks Tells The Story Behind This Fundraiser

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7-Year-Old Zahara

Zahara is a fun-loving little girl who loves to sing, dance and play mini-golf with her mom and dad. On her good days, she’s just like any other child her age. On her bad days, she’s sick and in the hospital. Zahara has been suffering from Sickle Cell since birth. At times, she has severe headaches, gallstones and stomach pains so intense she can hardly breathe. When she was two, she had to have her spleen removed because of a serious condition caused by the disease. She also has a history of acute chest syndrome, which is like pneumonia. Her mom Kesha explained how hard it is to live with the situation: “From the heart of a mother, who wants to hear doctors tell you your child may not live to be as old as you are”? As parents they have been upfront with Zahara about her disease. She wants to grow up to be a doctor to help kids like her. Without a bone marrow transplant, she will never see that dream come true.

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Meaning of the Tattoo

By getting this tattoo with Jordin, you are part of a special group of people who took action to save Zahara’s life. Each time you tell the story of Zahara, Jordin and the tattoo, it will continue to circulate and inspire others to help people in need. One simple act of love, can cause a chain reaction of giving. The angel wings represent being of service, power, strength, love, faith, giving, protection, comfort, and most importantly healing. They also represent flying and taking risks, even in the face of fear. There are many other secret meanings and design elements, which are revealed when you donate.

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Jordin Sparks Artist & Philanthropist

Jordin Sparks is a Grammy nominated multi-platinum singer songwriter and actress who originally garnered worldwide attention as the winner of season six of American Idol. Jordin was just seventeen years old when she won the coveted title. Since then, she has had several hit singles including one appropriately titled “Tattoo”. She has always been a true humanitarian participating in charity projects all over the world. Her personal mantra comes from movie icon Audrey Hepburn: “As you grow older, you realize you’ve been given two hands, one to help yourself and one to help others.” Sickle Cell is a cause that is very close to Jordin’s heart. She has close family members and friends that are fighting the disease. Jordin is also an avid tattoo enthusiast. This tattoo for Zahara will be her 11th.

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The M.A.D. Girls (The Making a Difference Girls) is the non-profit sponsor of this event. Their purpose is to raise money for Zahara’s surgery and to create awareness about Sickle Cell, which is sometimes overlooked. Through campaigns like this one, they provide children with food, medical treatment, prayer and shelter; and encourage people from all over the world to take risks for the things they believe in. Their philosophy is, “There’s enough to go around for everyone, and we all have a responsibility to do what we can to leave the world a better place than when we found it”.

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